I was molded in the clay of optimism and refined in the fires of futurism. The belief that nothing is impossible was deeply rooted in my soul. But this society of doubt and fear continues to attempt to brainwash me with a disposition of pessimism. I’ve had to fight every day to keep the flame of hope alive as I strive to live out the fullness of my potential.

I continue to meet others that can see the outer boundaries of the matrix. These intuitive entrepreneurs know that something is wrong with our world. They want to use their gifts to make a difference, but they need help. They need guidance, resources, encouragement.

Humanity moves forward when progressive-minded and global-minded innovators are free to create. They are willing to take the risks that others are afraid to take. By helping them, we help to create a better world.

So, I’m committed to using my gifts as a writer + creative director to help forward-thinking entrepreneurs and brands.  I will continue to promote them as they reach deep into their limitless potential and dare to do the impossible.